At the core of SyncScene is the desire to make watching videos more social. We believe that the way to accomplish this is to focus on one thing: The video experience. We use the phrase often when debating features, and in the end if a feature is amazing we still won't do it if we think it could ruin that experience.

There is something that bugged us about watching videos with larger groups. If there are 3-4 people involved it isn't too painful, but any more than that and the likelihood that someone will pause seems to rise exponentially. You spend more time waiting for a friend to get back from the bathroom than you do watching the video, which is also a quick way to decide you don't like watching videos with your friends. Thankfully, we've got some ideas...

Busy Theater

Today we announce a new concept for playlists, called play modes. In short, the play mode is an option selected by the playlist owner that determines who can play and pause the playlist. Our original format, which we’re now calling "Free For All," allows anyone viewing the stream to pause the video whenever they want. With this round of updates, we’re introducing a new mode called "Can’t Stop Won’t Stop," which removes pausing functionality for everyone, including the playlist creator. Also, anyone that joins the theater mid- stream will be automatically synchronized with everyone else.

The new playlist mode is exactly that, new. There will be little bugs here and there, so please use the feedback page to let us know if you find any problems. So far we are aware that there tends to be a brief pause if you interact with the player once a video is started, we're working on a solution as fast as possible.

The playlist modes aren't the only thing we've pushed in this release. We also added short codes that provide you with shorter URL's for sharing with friends and have fixed a few issues reported from the last release. Be sure to check out the changelog for full details.

Hopefully you enjoy the new features and stay tuned for some events we'll be planning in the coming weeks that make use of the new playlist/theater mode!


- Andrew


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