Another minor update today with really only one focus: Helping you get started. Last year we introduced a feature we called "Fly-By-Url" which let people create playlists directly from YouTube page links. And while this was a nice feature, we felt it needed just a little love to really start showing off its potential. We did just that and today seemed a great day to share the result.

From today forward you can start using Fly-By-Url to create playlists with multiple videos. Simply take the video ID from some YouTube videos, such as blpe_sGnnP4 and XF7b_MNEIAg, and create a Url as follows: https://syncscene.com/Playlists/CreateFromUrl/?v=blpe_sGnnP4,XF7b_MNEIAg (notice the comma!). That's it! When you follow that link a new playlist will be created with the two YouTube videos setup for your viewing pleasure.

Remember a moment ago when we said "That's it!" very confidently? We're sorry, we misled you. That is not, in fact, "it." It occurred to us that we probably shouldn't limit the Fly-By-Url feature to YouTube videos, so we added the abililty to use the same URL with hosted videos. Instead of the 'v' query string variable, use a 'u' and provide links to your MP4, OGG, or WEBM video files. As with the YouTube ID's you can use a comma to separate multiple files for your list. Finally, we added support for a third (optional) variable, 'title'. When supplied it will change the name of the playlist created by Fly-By-Url to what you specify, instead of the default "Fly-By-Url With:Very:Long Timestamp."

Admittedly this update is focused on our more advanced users, but it also enables us to more easily provide anyone with playlist suggestions they can use with a single click. We'll kick things off by showing you "our world" with some old timey Charlie Chaplin fun here and some new timey YouTube gold here.

Get In Loser, We're Watching Videos

Check out the changelog for the full run-down and don't forget to check out our Trello and Discord services to keep up to date with what we're planning and chat with us. Until next time!


- Andrew


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