Hold My Spot

As much as we'd love to do nothing but watch movies and TV shows every day, we have things that get in the way. Because of this, we have notes hither and thither to help us remember exactly where we left off in..

Come One, Come All

Do you have friends who just don't want to sign up for websites? Still want to watch videos with them? Well, we have those friends too, and we finally decided to let them in on the fun a bit.

A New SyncScene

It's been almost six weeks since our last update. Our promise was to have more for you, and boy oh boy, were we not kidding.


With everything going on in the world today, we've found ourselves using our lovable little site more and more. Even more exciting, we've noticed that other people are finding some use out of it, too! As a result, we figured it was time to start making some updates again...

Making Things Easier

It's release day again, so glad you could join us! Cutting to the chase, we've rolled out a good set of changes and fixes this time. To get things started, we have a few bugs. Namely, the login page now actually tries communicating with you if the credentials you provide are bad. We also fixed some minor aesthetic...

I Can Show You The World

Another minor update today with really only one focus: Helping you get started. Last year we introduced a feature we called "Fly-By-Url" which let people create playlists directly from YouTube page links. And while this was a nice feature, we felt it needed just a little love to really start showing off its potential.

After A Long Winter's Nap

Today, while in a blur of code on our new back-end systems, someone informed us it was the middle of February. Worse than that, it was almost Valentine's Day! Realizing we'd worked so hard we missed almost 3 whole months, it just wouldn't be right for us to have nothing to give you in this season of hearts, roses, and steak.

It's Dangerous To Go Alone

No, we aren't giving away swords to our users. That would be arguably more dangerous than going alone in this day and age. Still, we do think that using SyncScene alone is dangerous, or at the least it defeats the purpose. When we say we want to be the easiest way to watch videos online, we see this as something to be accomplished through a couple focuses.

You Spin Me Right Round

One of the things that we here at SyncScene use the site for is musical playlists. Most times we're working from different locations, and we'd like to think that listening to the same music somehow brings us closer together. Alternatively, we're all just really focused and want to leave the music selection up to someone other than ourselves.

Quality Over Quantity

Hello again! Given it's been a while since our last check-in, it seems appropriate to address the delay first and foremost. It would be easy to pretend this was all a part of our plan, that we'd taken some time to step back and reorganize before making bigger leaps forward, but that would be disingenuous. Reality can be frustrating, but it's always worth acknowledging.

Meet The Team

It's been a wild month of July here at SyncScene. After finally opening our doors to the public, it seems we've been pushing out features and fixes non-stop. Even though it's been rewarding, we are dedicated to having quality releases, so we're taking a bit of extra time to polish the next features to which you'll be introduced. As we work on those features, I figured I'd take a moment to finally introduce you to the team...

Can't Stop Won't Stop

At the core of SyncScene is the desire to make watching videos more social. We believe that the way to accomplish this is to focus on one thing: The video experience. We use the phrase often when debating features, and in the end if a feature is amazing we still won't do it if we think it could will ruin that experience.

There is something that bugged us about watching videos with larger groups. If there are 3-4 people involved it isn't too painful, but any more than that and the likelihood that someone will pause seems to rise exponentially. You spend more time waiting for a friend...

Hello, World

Back in 2009 while watching videos online, Chris and I had an idea. At the time we had to sit on voice chat to synchronize our viewing, calling out "3, 2, 1, GO" and hitting play at approximately the same time. It worked in the loosest of definitions. Any time we needed to pause there was yet another process of counting down, and even then it was wise to check each others' times before starting again to see if we'd fallen out of sync. Being the engineers we are, we decided our lives needed an app that would do all that work for us.

We surveyed the technological landscape and, though we could certainly find ways to accomplish what we had dreamt, we decided it wasn't quite time for us to build something like this that would be easy enough for both us and our friends to use...